Helpful Applications for Coliving

Coliving is a different type of living arrangement than your average flat; the human interaction is higher, you share more things, and you speak more often with the people you live with. To facilitate this, mobile applications can make things in a coliving house run much more smoothly. here are some of the applications that we use on a day-to-day basis.

For Communications

  1. Facebook Messenger: Probably the most useful app for communicating between members. What's great about the messenger is that almost everyone has a facebook, no need to download a new app for newcomers. You can send all important updates through here, members use it to meet up all over the city, and we can plan events directly in the application.
  2. Slack: also a great method of communication, and is a little less persistent than facebook messenger. You can create different subjects within groups for the sake of holding different conversations at the same time.
  3. WhatsApp: we like WhatsApp for communicating with our Alumni. It something that many of our members use, and is a great way to have big groups stay in touch.


For Sharing 

  1. Splitwise: This app allow people to split expenses in a group. There is no transfer of money in this app, just a cost-splitter. What's great is that groups can split big items, record payments, and do interpersonal bill splitting within a group. Splitwise takes all previous bills into account, allows you to "settle up" with anyone in the group.
  2. Venmo: If you are looking to make cash payments immediately to friends, the most popular tool is Venmo. Link this app to your bank account and you can pay anyone at any time.
  3. The Cash App: This app is the same idea as Venmo, just a little less popular. the difference is that this app deposits money directly into the other person's account, instead of keeping it in the app.

House Logistics

  1. Nest: We at Outpost Club love Nest. It allows us to control temperatures at our houses from anywhere. Simply set up the thermostat and download the app. If no one is home, we can turn of the heater, ventilation, and air conditioning, all with the click of a button
  2. August Smart Lock: For some of our houses, we use an August Home System for our front door lock. This allows us to give people access to the house without giving them a key

There are many more apps we use, we just can't keep track of them all! We'd love to hear your thoughts on our list, and if you have any reccomendations, let us know!

Potluck with a twist - Filipino style!

Last week something truly amazing happened. After scheduling a potluck at the Knickerbocker House, one of our members Angelo took it upon himself to make the entire meal. During the last Potluck, he made spaghetti and meatballs, but for this round, he took it to a whole new level.

Angelo wanted some food that reminded him of home, so he made a Kamayan meal and it was incredible. The meal was laid out directly on the table, with banana leaves underneath. We were told that this meal was to be eaten without utensils so that's what we did! Everyone was starving by the time the meal was ready, and it made everyone seem even more ravenous when eating by hand. There was also an unintended side benefit - avoiding dishwashing - so everyone was happy about that!

There had been a lot of turnover in the house recently, and what was great about this meal was the opportunity for new members to meet the existing members, and for the new House Leader, Ryan, to introduce himself to everyone.

Long live the Potluck! Long live community!


Potluck Dinner At Outpost Club

When some of the most social members of your community leaves, what do you do? You hold a potluck dinner in their name name of course!

Last friday at the Knickerbocker House, we were all aware that the house would feel a lot emptier with the members that would be leaving. So we knew we needed to mark the occasion with something that brings everyone together. At the potluck, everyone was asked to bring something to share... which meant we made way too much food! As seen in the picture, we made two different types of pasta, pizza, chicken cutlet, and even some "honey walnut shrimp" as prepared by the best chef I know, Angelo Bundalian.

Afterwards we had some ice cream, so graciously provided by one of our members who felt she was not culinarily-inclined.

We said our said goodbyes over a beer or two (or three) and promised each other that "this is not the end of the book, only a chapter in a long friendship."


Beach Day With Outpost Club

We forgot to write about this one earlier, but this was one of the most successful events we've had. In fact, one member even said it was his best day in New York City yet!

We let everyone know a week in advance that we would be going to the beach next saturday, and the excitement was overwhelming! Everyone wanted to know when and where, and some even wanted to surf! When creating the event we made sure that everyone's requests were accommodated, so we went to a part of the beach where everyone could swim, surf, and rent surfboards.

We got to the beach around noon, all we had to do was take the subway out to Rockaway Beach! After a day of surfing, swimming, soccer, frisbee and tanning, we all went over to the beach bar and got some food. None of us wanted to go out that Saturday night because we were all wiped out from the beach!

It was so memorable that some of the members have taken it upon themselves to set up their own beach day events, and Outpost Club was so happy to see the community we strived to create take a life of it's own.


Happy Birthday Ryan!

What happens when one of you most outgoing members is turning 23? Throw him a suprise birthday of course! 

Last week at the Knickerbocker House one of our members planned a last minute birthday party for one of our other members, Ryan. It was a weeknight, but everyone knew is was the right thing to do. Members from other houses joined us to say happy birthday, and some of them even went out with Ryan to eat at a nice restaurant earlier that evening.

It just goes to show that these communities care about each other, and events like this only cause the community to grow stronger!

Taco Night At Outpost Club

Even though our Taco's didn't look as good as the ones in the stock-photo above, Taco Night was high quality.

This was the first official food event that we held at our newest house, the Ridgewood House. It was a great way for many of the new members to meet each other, and for members from different houses to meet each other too (members from the Knickerbocker House joined us too. Everyone had a responsibility before we ate; whether it be chopping veggies, cooking meat, making guacamole or just simply being in charge of the music.

We started the event at 7:30, but only finished making the taco ingredients around 8:15ish, so everyone was ravenous by the time we ate. It may have taken us 45 minute to make the food, but due to hunger levels, it only took us 20 minutes to eat it... Luckily we had cheese and chips left over, so we made some nachos shortly after.

Taco night's are always a good idea because not only do they bring everyone together over tacos, but the event gets everyone involved.

More events to come...

Game of Thrones at Outpost Club!

When you get a bunch of 20-to-30-somethings coliving in a house together, you're bound to have at least one group-recognized calendar item; I'm obviously talking about the season premier of Game of Thrones.

While there is normally casual conversation at the Ridgewood House while the television is on, last sunday night was as quiet as could be. For that one hour and nine minute span of time, eyes were glued to the screen. Snacks were made, people were shushed, and Khaleesi kill it in her 4 minute, 4-word scene.

I heard that at the Knickerbocker House, the mood was quite similar. Some of the members knew about this date well in advance and tried to catch up on seasons, but that was a lost-cause. They may have watched the first three episodes, then gave up. Regardless, I was told they came and watched the season premier, presumably confused the entire time.

More events to come!

Stories From Our Members - Karl Källgren Barrsjö

We asked one of our members to tell us about his stay with Outpost Club, and New York City in general... what he told us had to be shared. Here's Karl's account of his experience in this weirdly wonderful place we call NYC:

Pryvit mate, 
I've been studying Journalism and film at Brooklyn College for 2 years now. The program gives me a bachelor in arts.  My hobbies lie mostly in music, movies and books. But beyond that I'm interested in acting and performing arts.

I am a social creature, I enjoy the spur of the moment and  in writing this has through a long hard process led me onto pursuing a career in journalism. I'm interested in storytelling in all shapes and forms. So my hobbies and my profession tie a little thing together which I guess is my life. For the summer I work in a restaurant in Stockholm serving shellfish to the sophisticated elite. Lots of interesting stories are to come. 

I do actually enjoy leisure, but in New York there's always a thing or a bunch happening, so whatever you put your mind to can trigger enjoyment. Except leisure, because in NY, there is none. 

Best Caiprinhias you'll without doubt find at Miss Favela... best ladies too - it's all in Williamsburg. Best late night vibe is at Bembe just under the Williamsburg bridge. The place is miniscule, there's a guy in the corner playing drums all night, they turn off all the lights so the moonlight shines through the window and you drink & dance til you pass out. Fantastic! For food go to La Caridad 78 on upper west side for your chinese, or the delicatessen Russ & Daughters for your charcuterie. Best chicken & waffle & date place, Sweet Chick. 

I plan to come back to NY one day, either to finish up with a masters or get into working there in the future, it all depends on what happens for me now in Europe. but for now I'm kind of satisfied with New York, I've been there for 2 years and have gotten a real appetite for my home continent. 

Well there you have it, the Swede himself, tellin' it like it is. Karl stayed at our Flatbush House, in Flatbush Brooklyn.

More stories to come.


July 4th At Outpost Club - Our Members Need No Motivation

July 4th Yasir Camilla.jpg

July 4th at Outpost Club was a true example of how communities thrive under the right conditions. Our Community Manager, Jacob Shapiro, was gone on a coliving research trip for the holiday weekend, but that didn't stop the Outpost Family from organizing their own events!


Members at the Knickerbocker House and the Bedford House both held July 4th parties at their respective locations. The Knickerbocker House takes the cake however, holding an all-out barbeque in the back yard (there's a bit of a rivalry between the houses!) 

To help them along a little bit, Outpost's CEO, Sergii Starostin, came through with some chips, salsa, and Corona's, but the houses had it covered. The Knickerbocker House made ribs, salad, grilled pineapple, burgers, and hotdogs, while the Bedford House went to see the fireworks.

It's a great moment when new friends from all over the country (and the world) come together to celebrate. When the community atmosphere permits, great things like this can happen.

Outpost Club Opens its Fourth Coliving Location in Ridgewood, Queens

The Ridgewood House expands Outpost Club’s footprint in New York

Ridgewood House Main Kitchen

Ridgewood House Main Kitchen

NEW YORK, June 14th, 2017 — New York-based startup Outpost Club announces the opening of its first coliving space in Ridgewood, expanding Outpost’s New York City portfolio and bringing more affordable housing to New York based start-ups, entrepreneurs, professionals, students, and newcomers.

The property, located on Putnam Avenue in the rapidly developing Ridgewood neighborhood, and has a total capacity of 24 members. The space provides three kitchens/dining rooms, a massive living room/coworking space, and other amenities included in the quoted price. Utilities, high speed wi-fi, furniture, kitchen equipment, and weekly house cleaning services are all included in the membership price. This place is move-in ready (as are all Outpost locations); all you need to do is bring your suitcase. Outpost Club also provides staff for community support and maintenance requests.

Ridgewood House Coworking Space

Ridgewood House Coworking Space

Membership at the coliving space starts at $790 a month, a very competitive price compared with median neighborhood prices. There are no year long leases, the membership is on a month-to-month basis.

Membership prices vary based on (among other factors) bedroom, location and duration of membership.

Additionally, all properties provide a community atmosphere. One way in which this is achieved is by hosting movie nights, potluck dinners and beach days. Outpost Club also offers features like 55-inch LED TV’s with Netflix, Nest thermostats and security systems, central air, a video doorbell system, and community specific channels for communication.

Sergii Starostin, Founder and CEO of Outpost Club

Sergii Starostin, Founder and CEO of Outpost Club

“We are continuing our efforts to build a strong footprint in New York and provide housing in different boroughs of the city, focusing on the most up-and-coming neighborhood and bringing Outpost Club closer to where our members work. The new Ridgewood House is a completely renovated property with lots of different options in terms of the affordability, while still maintaining a community environment inside the house.” said Sergii Starostin, co-founder of Outpost Club.” said Sergii Starostin, co-founder of Outpost Club.

The application for Outpost Club’s Ridgewood House can now be found on their website:

About Outpost Club: Outpost Club builds and manages coliving spaces. We offer an affordable and flexible housing arrangement within a like-minded community that provides access to the endless opportunities of New York City. Outpost Club provides Membership-based mid-term and long-term housing in New York City for entrepreneurs, professionals, students, and newcomers.