Founded in 2016 by a team who knows what it is to move. We spent our careers travelling around the planet, working remotely and building Start Ups.


Outpost Club has been launched by three entrepreneurs who understands the challenges of moving into new places, working remotely and building a new Start Up from scratch in the new country.

That being said, our mission is to produce a tight knit community with shared passions and visions, thereby making the world we live in a better place. 

We build connections between people by offering Members an access to the network of successful entrepreneurs, investors, executives, and experts to help them grow their businesses and professional careers. Membership with Outpost Club includes access to professionals like web designers, legal advisors, financial strategists, marketing developers etc. While dinners, seminars, and activities widen the scope of community and connections.



Alex Prykhodko
Partner, Operations

Valentyn Margunskiy
Partner, Marketing

Sergii Starostin
Partner, Real Estate & Investments

Liliia Voitenko

Partner Operations

Associates & Staff

Daria Kalita
Senior Designer

Jacob Shapiro
New York Account Manager

Elena Miloslavskaya
Photographer and Video


Farid Bashirov

Open Positions

Sorry, there are currently no open positions!



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