Bedroom Policy

Shared Rooms

Due to the nature of sharing rooms, all members must take special care to be considerate towards others. Room cleanliness must be to the standard of the roommate with the highest standard of cleanliness. Everyone in the room should be comfortable bringing up the messes of others in the room as the space is shared by everyone.

Everyone should also have equal access to the organizational tools of the room. There is ample space for everyone's personal items in every room, therefore if you feel you do not have equal access, feel free to bring it up with roommates and if needed, the house leader.

Lastly, use only your bed, and not other beds in the room. When new members move in to your, their bed (and the rest of the room) must be ready to accept them.


All Rooms

Our cleaners are here to clean, therefore they will need access to your room. If you do not want your room cleaned, please let the cleaners know by telling them in person or leaving them a note or your door. Even if you do not want your room cleaned, we need access to your room at least once a month to sweep, mop, and wash your comforter. If you are sharing a room, chances are that someone in the room wants the room cleaned. Before telling the cleaners you do not want your room cleaned, confirm that with your roommates. The cleaners need access to the room after 10 AM to clean, this give everyone ample sleep if they’d like to sleep late. Please be prepared for their arrival, of which you’ll be notified through the house communications group.


The cleanliness of your room is up to you: Outpost Club will not make you clean your room as that is not our place. However, there are two instances in which we will need to inform you to improve the cleanliness of your room:

  1. If the cleaners inform us that they can not do their job because of the cleanliness your room.

    1. They need to get behind and under beds for vacuuming and mopping.

  2. If you are eating/leaving food in your room.

    1. This may cause mice, rats, and cockroaches to enter our houses.

Basically, if your actions impede the operations of Outpost Club or affect the experience of our other members, we reserve the right to first ask, then warn you about the cleanliness of your room.

If you promise to follow these policies, can easily promise everyone a clean and prepared room/bed upon arrival, and for the duration of everyone’s stay!


Guest policy

Membership is only for you – overnight stay is for you only. If you would like to have an overnight guest, you must:

  1. Tell your house leader at least one week in advance

  2. Tell our customer service department via email at

  3. Pay the invoice for the overnight guest in advance of their arrival or upon their arrival

For overnight guests, Outpost Club charges $30 per person per night. Each member may only have up to two overnight guests, and overnight guests may only stay for 2 consecutive nights. For special cases, contact customer service.

If you are found having guest over without permission, we will assess $30 dollar fine, in addition to assessing the $30/night overnight guest fee. The fine is assess for having broken our rules, compromised security of the house, and violated the mutual agreement made by all members of our community.

In addition to this, No guests after quiet hours, unless they are an approved overnight guest. The Member is responsible for the appropriate behavior of anyone allowed to enter Outpost Club Property as Guest. Lastly, no subletting.



Failure to comply with these policies amounts to breaking the terms of your membership agreement. If you fail to comply with the policies, Outpost Club reserves the right to cancel or prohibit the renewal of your membership.