Why Choose Outpost Club?

There are probably hundreds of housing options for any one person in a city, and thousands of vacant apartments waiting to be filled by you, so why live at Outpost Club. To answer this question we must first answer another: why chose coliving? 

Modern coliving has emerged from many factors that influence how people live. The first reason is the obvious financial benefit of coliving: the more you share, the more you save. Our members share kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, coworking spaces, and sometimes even bedrooms. But the benefits of coliving are not only financial. Moving to a new city might seem like moving to a whole new group of friends, but that's not always the case. Ironically, in dense urban areas, rates of loneliness are usually higher than tight-knit, smaller communities. Coliving can be used as a way to avoid this loneliness and to make friends.

Coliving also makes the process of moving to a new city easier. This is actually the reason the founders of Outpost Club decided to start providing coliving spaces. As international tenants in the US, finding housing was tough. Credit checks, background checks, language barriers, buying furniture, setting up utilities, and all other move-in difficulties. They saw a void in the housing market that desperately needed a solution.

So why Outpost Club? Because we know what it's like to move to a new city, we've done it ourselves. Our mission is to make housing easy, and we achieve this by removing the pain points of moving, both logistically and socially.

See what we provide, and come live with us.


When member's get motivated: Karaoke

Coliving tip: never hold an event no one wants to go to! The best way to avoid this? Let members hold events that they want to hold, and facilitate. That is exactly what happened last weekend at the Bedford House. 

Before the event, a couple members felt that they they really wanted to have a Karaoke night. After asking the rest of the house about it, others seemed to want to sing till they pass out too. Mirena, the house leader for the Bedford and Flatbush House's got everything ready, but couldn't have prepared for the excitement she was about to encounter.

The event went all night, and luckily we got some great shots of our pro-singers. Take a look!