Three Resources for Promotion in Social Networks in 2017

While the science of promotion in Social Networks is forming, here at Outpost we are always trying to find new ways of acquiring skills for promotion. Here are some useful tips and resources for your consideration.

1) First, there are a number of free or paid courses. One of the best in my point of view is Coursera UC Davis course on SEO and Social Media which in 4 weeks can teach you both basics and advanced techniques of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with useful excel files you can use as well as promoting a business in social media from content to building of the useful connections with Opinion Leaders. Slow but quality organic growth.

2) Skip the line includes different paid services to promote a content via Facebook. An interesting article by MIT Technology Review shows that paid advertisement at Facebook sometimes could be pretty questionable. There are as well a number of services mentioned in the article like or As article Secret Strategies Revealed: Reaching 500k Facebook Likes suggests ways of exchanging Likes, buying Legitimate likes and working with Influencers. 

3) Influencers are the new preachers in the world of Marketing. Interesting discovery were special services like Klout, Tapinfluence, Peerindex. There you can target your resources onto really impactful Influencers, track the progress and grow the backlink profile.

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