Outpost Club FAQ

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is Coliving?

Coliving is a shared housing model. Tenants, whom we call members, share kitchens, living rooms, and other common spaces with all members, and have a private or shared bedrooms. Everything is included in our flat fee: utilities, wifi, furniture, appliances, kitchen supplies, and the basics of what you would need upon moving into a new place.

What’s your availability?

Availability is alway changing, so you will receive our current availability (based on the type of room you're looking for) in the offer. The availability in the offer sheet is subject to change as well, as people are always signing offers on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Who do you guys use for your cleaning services, and what exactly do they do?

Our cleaning services are all in house. Our fully employed trusted team comes to your house and cleans all common/shared areas, restocks all supplies, prepares your room before your stay, and sweeps the floor in your room.

What is the price?

We send pricing offers after filling out our forms and speaking with you. Typically the price of the bed falls into $690 to $2,190 range and depend on the length of stay, type of the room, availability of rooms.

Why are there no addresses for your houses on the website?

For the security of our current members living in our spaces, we do not reveal the exact address of spaces until you receive an offer. All of our houses are within a 10 minute walk of a subway line.

So you guys are an apartment?

No, coliving is a shared housing model that brings people together, helping fight the loneliness in big cities like New York. Traditional apartment living perpetuates this loneliness.

Before your Move-In

What is membership?

Membership = Rent Membership is like rent, but all inclusive. Think of it like your lease, a legal document outlining everyone's responsibilities to each other. Your membership an be payed month-to-month and you can stop your membership at any time.

Who are the type of people who usually live in your spaces?

The typical people who live in our spaces are: Between the ages of 21 and 35, half international members and half American, 30% students or people who aquire new skills in professional post graduate courses or schools, 70% already in their professional field, and from all different professional backgrounds!

Why is there no exact pricing on the website?

We send pricing offers after filling out our forms and speaking with you. Typically the price of the bed falls into $690 to $2,190 range and depend on the length of stay, type of the room, availability of rooms.

What are the rooms like?

We have everything from single rooms with private bathrooms to shared rooms with shared bathrooms, depending on your price point. Let us know what you are looking for and we’ll be happy to accomodate. You can check it here.

After I interview/fill in the forms, what happens?

If everything checks out, we will send you a follow-up email in the next 48 hours with an offer!

When will I receive an offer?

Within 48 hours of speaking with us or filling out our second type form.

How do I reserve a spot?

Your spot is reserved after you complete these three steps: Accept an offer Sign your membership agreement Pay your first invoice (first month’s rent plus security deposit)

How short/long can I stay?

You can stay for as short as a month or as long as you’d like!

How many people to a house?

It depends on the house, our houses range from 11 members to 30 members

What if I cancel me stay before I arrive?

  1. If you need to cancel your booking please contact us as soon as possible on the bookings@outpost-club.com e-mail.
  2. If the guest cancels more than one month before the arrival date, 100% of the deposit will be refunded.
  3. If the guest cancels more than two weeks before the arrival date, the deposit is non-refundable but will be exchanged for an equivalent amount of days on future stays at any properties of Outpost Club
  4. If the guest cancels less than two weeks before the arrival date, the deposit is non-refundable.
  5. If the guest arrives and decides to leave earlier than scheduled, in a case of a no-show or cancel the booking after the arrival date, full payment will be required.
  6. The reservation is officially canceled when the Member notifies Outpost Club via email bookings@outpost-club.com
  7. Applicable taxes will be retained and remitted.

During Your Stay

What’s included in my rent?

Your room, bed (prepared), utilities, wifi, move-in ready furniture, cleaning services, working space, security systems, constant access to your house leader, Netflix and new friends :)

How do I pay for membership?

You will receive an invoice via email once you accept our offer and sign your membership agreement. You may pay in any electronic format, we discourage cash or checks, though it is possible. For payments after the first month, you will receive an invoice 10 days before the beginning of your next pay period.

What's the security like at your locations?

All locations are equipped with key-pad access or an August Lock security system. In all of our common spaces, we have Nest security systems, to keep everyone’s valuables safe. These are not monitored, only accessed when our members request that we look at them for justifiable purposes (missing items left in common rooms, suspicious activity, etc.) In addition to this, coliving provide a unique, unintended security benefit: because many people are living in the same spaces, there is virtually always someone at home

Why are there no locks on the doors?

The New York Housing Department policy disallows residential properties from placing locks on bedroom doors for fire safety purpouses. However, even if Outpost Club were allowed to place locks on the doors, Outpost Club is committed to providing safe and secure coliving spaces through trust and mutual respect. Bedroom doors are unlocked becuase it is display of this trust and respect; on top of our security systems mentioned above, our members are selected for their appreciation of a safe environment.

How do you create a sense of community?

Through our house leaders who will meet you upon arrival, to the events we hold each and every month, our team is dedicated to giving you the sense of community you are looking for, whether in a professional or personal capacity. You may choose to be as involved or uninvolved as you’d like, you are welcome to stay with us either way!

What’s your cancellation policy?

We require a 30-day-notice of cancellation. If the member decides to cancel with less than 30 days notice, then Outpost Club reserves the right to withhold the members security deposit.

Regardless of notice given, if the member leaves the premises earlier than committed in the membership agreement, the monthly price would be recalculated based on the standard monthly price. Each room has it's own standard monthly price, indicated in the mebership agreement. The new balance will be sent by invoice. If the balance is not paid via invoice, the balance would be withdrawn from the member's deposit. The remaining balance would be billed to the member through invoice.

Can I extend my stay?

Yes! We happy to have our members stay longer, however we can't extend you stay if we don't know about your extension! As soon as you are aware of the need to extend your stay, let us know by emailing bookings@outpost-club.com. If you have not committed to an extension, your bed can be reserved by anyone admitted to Outpost Club.

How does the mail work here?

Just address your mail to the House address, and our staff will make sure it gets inside! We have designated locations for mail inside each house.


Depends on the house, some houses have no machine (but laundromats right around the corner), some houses have coin operated machines, and some have free laundry.

Who is the house leader and what do they do?

Our house leaders are hand-picked, long staying members of our community. They help with move-in’s, move-out’s, events, and general help. They live in the house and are always accessible.

Guest policy?

If there is an open bed and everyone in the room is okay with it, you may have an overnight guest stay in an open bed in your room for $30/night. You are responsible for your guest, they must abide by the rules as well. The person who wants to bring a guest needs to inform the houseleader and send a message to Customer.Service@Outpost-Club.com. You may also have up to two guest at the houses during the day.


No animals are allowed to stay at the houses.

Are couples allowed?

Yes! Though there is an additional monthly charge.


What is Outpost Club?

Outpost Club is a network of coliving locations where you can rent a room all throughout New York. Our goal is to make it super easy to move to New York, and to provide interesting and convenient places for affordable prices. But at Outpost Club, you receive more than just a place to live and work. The Outpost Club platform creates a coliving community that offers both general and professional networking, which personally benefits all members.

What does Outpost Club Do?

Outpost Club provides end-to-end coliving services to tech startups, entrepreneurs, digital nomads, freelancers, remote workers, professionals, students, and anyone looking to move to a new city and meet new people. Coliving is a shared housing model. Members share kitchens, living rooms, and other common spaces with all members, and have a private or shared bedrooms of your choice. Everything is included in our flat fee: utilities, wifi, furniture, appliances, kitchen supplies, and anything else you would need upon moving into a new place. All you need to bring is your suitcase. Fill in the application, have a brief interview, grab your suitcase and move in! You’ll meet new people who will become your friends for life.

Why does Outpost Club do it?

Even though New York houses millions of people, many of us feel lonely due to their housing arrangement and the individualistic nature of urban American culture. Despite this, at Outpost Club’s co-living locations, you’ll never come home to an empty house, and you will never feel alone.

What’s the history behind your company?

Outpost Club was founded in 2016 by a team who knows what it is like to move to new places and start from scratch. Built on the foundational belief that renting a room should be as easy as buying a cup of coffee, Outpost founders developed a process to make it incredibly easy to move to New York - no scams, hidden fees, startup costs, or massive security deposits. It’s Outpost Club’s mission to provide more than a place to live and work - move in with Outpost and you’ll gain an instant community with opportunities to socialize, network, and grow, all in beautiful and convenient houses at affordable prices.