House Rules

While staying at the house:


  1. Throughout the house

    1. Once you're inside: Please shoes off and keep your shoes on the shoe deck

    2. Quiet hours – 10 pm – 9 am DAILY (no singing, loud music, talks, TV… etc.)

    3. No smoking anywhere inside

    4. No illegal drugs are allowed anywhere in Outpost Club

    5. IT and copyright laws prohibit Torrents use through house WiFi for copywriter video/music - the whole House WiFi can be blocked by Internet operator for 24 hours

    6. Alcohol – being a health-oriented group, we recommend minimizing alcohol consumption

    7. Dogs and Pets are not allowed at the apartment.

    8. The US electrical system is 110 V. Please check your electronics for any risk.

  2. Common Areas

    1. Turn off lights / TV / Appliances when not in use

    2. Don’t leave your belongings in the common areas – it can be removed to the Lost and Found boxes

    3. Any unauthorized parties are forbidden on the Outpost Club property

    4. Security cameras are installed in some Common areas of the Club Properties and at the Entrance to the Club Properties. All the records are automatically erased after 1 week and used for security purposes only.

  3. Guest policy

    1. Membership is only for you – overnight stay is for you only.

      1. If you would like to have an overnight guest, you must:

        1. Tell your house leader at least one week in advance

        2. Tell our customer service department via email at

        3. Pay the invoice for the overnight guest in advance of their arrival or upon their arrival

          1. For overnight guests, Outpost Club charges $30 per person per night. Each member may only have up to two overnight guests, and overnight guests may only stay for 2 consecutive nights

        4. For special cases, contact customer service

    2. No guests after quiet hours, unless they are an approved overnight guest

    3. You may have up to two guest over during the day (non quiet hours). If you would like to have more friends, please let your house leader know or apply to have an event through the Current Members Portal.

    4. The Member is responsible for the appropriate behavior of anyone allowed to enter Outpost Club Property as Guest.

    5. No Subletting

  4. Kitchen

    1. Wash kitchen appliances immediately after use. If the dishwasher is filled with clean dishes, either hand wash your dish, or place clean dishes back in their designated spot so that you can place your dirty dish in the dishwasher.

    2. Separate the waste when discarding items - there is a special containers for paper recycling, other recycling (plastic, metal and glass) and all other trash

    3. Check and turn off oven and gas when not in use

    4. Fridge and Food shelves are divided among Members – please use your designated area and mark the food, otherwise, if you leave the food outside your area or did not mark it – it can be removed during cleaning

  5. Bathroom

    1. Clean toilet with the paper towels after each use

    2. Remove any dirt/hair etc. from sink and shower

  6. Bedroom

    1. Do not leave food in bedrooms

    2. Turn of the lights and AC units when leaving

    3. Do not use other beds in the room even if they are vacant - you have rented only your bed and other people will move into the other beds eventually. It is important that their bed is nice when they arrive

  7. Security

    1. The house has lockers for your use. Please use them if you have valuables. Outpost Club is not responsible for the loss of any personal items.

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