Knickerbocker House General Location (click picture to zoom)

The Scoop

The Knickerbocker house is a newly renovated house in Bushwick Brooklyn. When we were looking for a new place, we thought about finding a location with real Brooklyn atmosphere and some unique vibes. With a great interior and location, this house is for members who really want to know what it's like to live in Bushwick. 

The Location

Located right in the heart of Bushwick, this coliving space is in the most up-and-coming neighborhood of Brooklyn. The Knickerbocker House is a two minute walk to the M train on Knickerbocker Ave, and a five minute walk to the L train on DeKalb Ave. The location is near coffee shops, pizza joints, taco trucks, and lots of bars. There are also great supermarkets, delis and drugstores right around the corner.

The Space

The house itself also reflects the neighborhood by incorporating wood into the design: wooden floors, furniture, beds, and closets, all made with wooden material to make the house feel chic and warm. This coliving space has six bedrooms, all attached to a kitchen, dining room, living room, and coworking space. Take a trip down the stairs and you’ll find the living room and a coworking space, both of which are massive in comparison to your average New York apartment. This space is move-in ready; all you have to do is show up with your suitcase.

The Kitchen/Dining Room 

This is the heart of the house, and for good reason. This space has a dining room table large enough to sit 10-12 people. This space is used for potluck dinners, solo meals, and even chats in the evening over a glass of wine. But this is just one of the three common areas.

  • Amenities include: gas stove, stainless steel fridge, microwave, large sink, coffee maker, blender, plenty of cabinets (you will be assigned one), cookware, tableware, cutting boards, and anything else you would need in a kitchen.
  • Also included: salt, pepper, sugar, coffee grounds, olive oil, paper towels, and dish soap, all of which is routinely restocked.
  • Security: 24/7 security in common areas. 

knickerbocker living

The (Co)living Room

The living room has two large couches and 55’' screen TV (with Netflix!!!) It is here where we host movie nights, game nights, and unplanned hangouts. This space is equipped with everything you need to relax.

  • Living room also includes: A coffee table, pillows, lamps, knickknacks, house slippers to walk around in, and nice people.
  • Security: 24/7 security in common areas, lockers for valuables
  • Google Chromecast 

knickerbocker office

The coworking Space

This space also equipped with everything you need… to work! This room comfortably holds up to ten people working simultaneously. There's lots of desk space to make sure your work time is productive.

  • Amenities: Desks, chairs, conveniently placed outlets, a printer, a scanner, and a fax machine to make sure you are prepared for anything work throws at you.
  • Security: 24/7 security in common areas.


knickerbocker bedroom

The Bedrooms

Your room will be move-in ready, just like the rest of the house. There’s no need to even bring a pillow. There are single and shared rooms, depending on availability and your price range.

  • Amenities: memory foam twin-sized mattresses, memory foam pillows, extension cords to your bedside, shelving, hooks, bed linens, towels, and a closet
  • Services: Bed linens and towels prepared for you when you arrive.

knickerbocker bathroom

The Bathrooms

We provide everything you would need for the bathroom too. There are two full bathrooms so that you’ll never have to wait.

  • Also included: toilet paper, shampoo and body wash, which will never be empty! There are also hairdryers in the bathroom, no need to bring your own.

The Laundry Room

This house even has access to a laundry room, where members can use a pay-per-use laundry machine in the comfort of their own home.

The Back Yard

Yes, we even have a back yard! This space has tables and chairs so can work outside in the spring, summer and autumn. This space holds many parties, get-togethers, barbeques, and celebrations.

ThroughOut the House

In addition to everything above, all of your utilities (electric, gas, water, and wifi) are included in your membership. Each of our new homes incorporate the newest advancements in home technology, like high bandwidth routers, NestTM security and temperature control systems (quiet HVAC units installed in each room), updated appliances, and energy efficient lighting. For all the furniture and beds we used only best suppliers, real wooden surfaces, durable metals, and sleek countertops. We worked with interior designers to make the place comfortable for all members in any room of the house. We’ve thought of all the little things you need to feel right at home upon arrival.

Additional Benefits

Your membership gives you the opportunity to move between all our houses month to month, allowing you to see what it’s like to live in different neighbourhoods. Members are welcome to enjoy the parties and events at any of our locations. We screen all candidates before approving applications so that there are no worries about moving into a new place with new people; only excitement!


We have a flexible month-to-month commitment options. We do not require extensive documents from you, guarantors or large deposits. The longer commitment from your side helps us to provide you with the better prices. Shared rooms starting from $790 | Private room starting from $1690