Welcome to Outpost Club! This is a guide to make your move-in successful. We’ve done this many times before so we know the drill! To start, here is your address: 126 Douglass Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11217



All exterior and interior doors are locked with an August Lock. An August Lock is an electronic lock that uses an application called August that you can use to unlock it. Find it in the app store, create an account, and ask your house manager to give you access. If your phone is dead or August will not work with your phone, the outdoor code to the first floor is #0126. For the ground floor entrance, you will be given the front door code via email.



As always, you need wifi. The wifi name is Outpost Club and the password is befreenyc (all lower case).



For our records, we need a picture of your Photo ID. The house leader will take a picture of it



We use facebook messenger to communicate, so the house leader will need to add you to the group. If you don’t have a facebook, please continually check in with the house leader to see if there is important house news you need to know. 



The house leader will show you your room (if they haven’t already). Note your room-letter, which can be found on your bedroom door frame. Take a look at the house with the house leader. If you would like to lock away your valuables, use the lockers located in the basement. 



You’ll need a section of the fridge, which is partition by area so that everyone has equal access. If you open the fridge, you’ll see each section has a letter and a number corresponding with your bed. Use this area of the fridge for your items, and talk to others in the house if you need more space. This goes for the cabinets as well: find your section, which will be labeled by your bed number. 



The Outpost Club will also be holding events at your place and at all the Outpost Club locations, so make sure to ask the house leader about any upcoming events. Additionally we have a facebook group for all Outpost Club members in New York. This group has announcement about events, opportunities in New York, general announcements, and more good stuff. You can request to join that group here



The common spaces of the house are used by a lot of people so please keep them clean! There are some easy ways to think about cleanliness at Outpost Club:

  • Leave rooms in the condition that you found them 
  • Clean up after yourself
  • Do not leave your personal stuff out in common areas if you are not going to return immediately
  • When it's your turn to contribute, contribute! Check the cleaning boards for your day of resposibilities, and if your name is not there 

Additionally, the notes around the house are there to reduce confusion and make the community run smoothly, so follow the notes!



Make sure to address all mail to:

126 Douglass Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11217, Apartment 1, 2, or 3 (depending on your apartment)

Address the mail to the correct apartment to ensure the mail man/women delivers it successfully. The house manager checks the mail periodically throughout the week, but if you know something has arrived and you need it sooner, ask your house manager 

If you are receiving a package, there are many ways it might be delivered due to the numurous delivery methods:

  • The package may be left in the hallway by the delivery man/women, in which case you can pick it up on the way into the house
  • The package may have been accepted by another member of the house, in which case you can pick it up when you get inside the house
  • The package may have been left outside in a concealed location by the delivery man/women, in which case the delivery man/woman will leave a note on the front door informing you where the package was left
  • The package may have been attempted to be delivery but they could not becuase no one answered the door, it was raining so they couldn't leave it outside or other various factors, in which case they will put a note on the door saying where you can pcik up the package, or that they will try to deliver it again in the coming days.

Regardless of method, please:

  • Copy and paste the text below into the "delivery instructions part of your order:
    • "Code to the front door is (ENTER DOOR CODE HERE) if you can not leave the package inside, please either return the package to the delivery center where I can pick it up or (ENTER OPTION 2 IF DESIRED)"
  • Continually track the package
  • Give the delivery service the code to the house
  • Attempt to be their when it arrives,
  • Do eveything from your end to ensure it's successful delivery. 

Outpost Club is not responsible for delayed, lost, or damaged packages.



We have a 15 days notice of cancellation policy. Please give us notice of cancellation 15 days before your next pay period. If the cancellation is drastically changing the committed stay-length, we will apply monthly pricing to your new commitment length. The difference in price will be deducted from your security deposit.

Additionally, we happy to have our members stay longer, however we can't extend you stay if we don't know about your extension! As soon as you are aware of the need to extend your stay, let us know by emailing If you have not committed to an extension, your bed can be reserved by anyone admitted to Outpost Club.


That's all for now! Always look out for updates from Outpost, they will come through the Facebook group, the Facebook messenger, via email, or from the house leader