Check out our houses in Bushwick, Bedford-Stuyvesant (Brooklyn), and Ridgewood, Queens. You can fill in the Application and move in at any available house, even today! Month-to-month commitment.

Below you can find more information about all of our houses, what they offer, where they're located and more. Feel free to reach out if you have more questions!


The Bed-Stuy House

Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn

Shared from $850 | Private with private bathroom from $1850


The East-Bushwick House

Bushwick. Brooklyn

Shared from $850 | Private from $1590


The Flatbush House

Flatbush, Brooklyn

Shared from $750 | Private from $1350

2 Knickerbocker Kitchen.JPG

The Knickerbocker House 

Bushwick, Brooklyn

Shared from $790 | Private from $1690

The Bushwick House |

The Bushwick House

Bushwick, Brooklyn

Shared from $850 | Private from $1550


The East Williamsburg House

East Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Shared from $850 | Private from $1890

The Ridgewood House |

The Ridgewood House

Ridgewood, Queens

Shared from $750 | Private from $1550


The Downtown Brooklyn House

Boerum Hill, Brooklyn

Starting from $2290

*Pricing is subject to location, room type, length of stay, season, and availability*

Who we are

Outpost Club is a network of coliving houses where you can rent a room all throughout New York. We believe that renting a room should become much easier. We built a process to make it super easy to move to New York, and we had designed interesting and convenient houses for affordable prices. At Outpost Club, you receive more than just a place to live and work. The Outpost Club platform creates a coliving community that offers both general and professional networking.


What we do

At Outpost Club we provide end-to-end housing services to tech startups, entrepreneurs, digital nomads, freelancers, remote workers, professionals, students, and anyone looking to move to a new city and meet new people. Coliving is a shared housing model. Tenants, whom we call members, share kitchens, living rooms, and other common spaces with all members, and have a private or shared bedrooms. Everything is included in our flat fee: utilities, wifi, furniture, appliances, kitchen supplies, and the basics of what you would need upon moving into a new place.

All you need to bring is your suitcase. The process is simple - Fill in the application, have a brief interview, grab your suitcase and move in! You’ll meet new people who will become your friends for life.



We do not require extensive amount of documents, guarantors, or charge huge deposits 

Also we believe that nobody should feel lonely which is still is a case even throughout New York, which houses millions of people. Many of us feel lonely due to the current housing arrangement and the individualistic nature of urban American culture. At Outpost Club’s co-living locations, you’ll never come home to an empty house, and you will never feel alone.



Our coliving spaces are stylish in design, with all updated appliances. All of Outpost Club’s apartments are newly renovated and include modern appliances, central air, spacious common areas, outdoor space, and private or shared bedrooms, depending on your price point. Check out the link below to get more details of about all of our houses and locations.


At Outpost Club, you will spend your time in a friendly environment with fantastic people, many of whom will become your friends. Our members come from all over the world to live in our co-living spaces, reflecting the diversity New York. Members are connected with a network of successful individuals, entrepreneurs, investors, executives, and experts in many fields. 


We offer affordable housing accommodations with an all-inclusive prices; all you need to do is bring a suitcase. This allows our members to have a successful living and working experience without the hassles of moving into a new apartment. Our locations are all in great neighborhoods with nearby public transportation, shopping and dining. 

What's included in all-inclusive price together with your bedroom:


What our Members say: