Stories from our Members - Louis De Keyser

Welcome to member profiles! In this series we want to share one members' story on why they moved to NYC, why they stayed with Outpost and on what they like(d) about their time here. This week we’re introducing you to Louis. He stayed with us for 6 months. I hope you enjoy this article and to find out more about us or our members, go to

Louis De Keyser /

I’m Louis De Keyser, was born in Ghent Belgium, and am a proud resident of the Knickerbocker House at Outpost-club. I arrived here in April 2017 and have stayed with Outpost for the last 5 months. 

I’m the founder of Tiny House Belgium. A company that builds, designs and promotes Tiny Housing. In the beginning of this year, I sold the business to pursue my dream of moving to New York City. I had been here a lot before and always had a crush for this city. 


Before staying with Outpost Club, I used to stay in hostels, which is nice, but not for long periods of time. Staying with Outpost Club, I met a lot of locals and international members and I was really able to build friendships here.  I didn’t expect that to happen when I got into this. It is so great to have all these people around you, that are all working on different jobs, studies or projects. You learn about things you would otherwise never have been exposed to. 

In the beginning of this year I decided to sell my business to pursuit my dream of working in Marketing and Branding here in New York City. I am now working on my personal blog ( talking about all the innovative projects, people and businesses I get in contact with here in NYC including Outpost-Club. I love the energy in this city of people trying to make things happen and the 24/7 lifestyle, and I’m super happy having a place to call home in this city. 

My favorite event was probably the housewarming party at the Ridgewood House just a few weeks ago. It was nice getting to know people from the different houses and to all come together with some good food and drinks ;) I found Outpost Club at the very last minute, about 4 days before I flew into NYC, and I’m so lucky to have found this place. I love that we all have this personal connection with the company. There is always someone we can talk to for issues, ideas or problems. Staying with Outpost Club was the best decision I made in my America trip and it changed my life! I won't be renting an apartment anytime soon ;) I love Co-living! 

If you guys are curious about my blog you can check it out here ( or on medium (