Stories from our Members - Sarah Stoebner

Welcome to member profiles! In this series we want to share one members’ story on why they moved to NYC, why they stayed with Outpost Club and on what they like(d) about their time here. This week we’re introducing you to Sarah. She stayed with us for 3 months over the summer. I hope you enjoy this article and to find out more about us or our members, go to

Sarah Stoebner /

Where are you from?
Hi, I’m Sarah! I grew up in Oswego NY. A small town Upstate.

What house do you live in?
I stayed at the Knickerbocker House in Bushwick, Brooklyn 

How long are you staying for?
I stayed with Outpost Club for 3 months last summer. 

Sarah, what are you doing here at Outpost Club here in New York City?
I originally came to New York City for an internship I got right after school. I was working as a PR and Marketing Intern for a fashion company. And right after I found a job in media planning and communications. I choose Outpost Club because I didn’t know that many people here in the city, and I love coming home and having someone to talk to, or to at least have something going on... 

What was your favorite event so far?
I got lucky! When I stayed at Outpost Club, one of our roommates was a professional cook. So every now and then we all had dinner together at the house and had a great time! This potluck dinner was one of them! 

What do you like about living with Outpost Club?
I’ve met some great people in the time I was there, some of which I will keep in touch with for a while! If you live with someone, you really get to know who people are. I loved the weekend events we did together from time to time, and coming home and having something going on was really fun too!  It was also really helpful that I only had a one-month contract, so I wasn’t stuck to signing a one-year lease which released a lot of the pressure of living in NYC.