Stories from our Members - Talia Simpson

Welcome to member profiles! In this series we want to share one members’ story on why they moved to NYC, why they stayed with Outpost Club and on what they like(d) about their time here. This week we’re introducing you to Talia. She's staying with us for over a year. I hope you enjoy this article and to find out more about us or our members, go to  

Talia Simpson /

- How old are you? 
I am 23 years old

- Where did you grow up? 
I was raised in Atlanta, Georgia for most of my life. Born in Wayne, New Jersey and moved to Georgia when I was 3. Moved back up north 4 years ago. Recently moved to Brooklyn in August. 

- Why do you like NYC?
Why do I love NYC? What isn't there to love about NY should be the question. From the bodegas on every corner to the diverse individuals you will bump into every day, it is one of the most intriguing cities. I am constantly surrounded by people, but at the same time I am enjoying my solidarity because everyone here is doing their own thing. New York is a hub of cultural diversity, ethnic acceptance and the heart of innovation and creativity. It's a busy city but there's always something new to do. What more could you ask for? 

- Why did you come to NYC specifically?
I came to NY specifically because I knew a big city is where I belonged. I was living in New Jersey working and every chance I got I was in New York on weekends visiting my friends and exploring all the city had to offfer. I wasn't sure when my time would come but I knew it would be soon. I created a plan on how I would afford my living expenses and where I will work and here I am, living my life in New York City! 

- What are you doing here now?
 I am in New York participating in an Americorp program called City Year where I mentor and tutor kids in underserved communities. I work at Starbucks on the weekends and I'm a house leader at the Ridgewood Outpost House. I'm busy a lot of the time, but I make sure to take advantage of what the city offers. 

- What do you like about Outpost Club and why did you choose us? 
 I chose Outpost solely based on what the house provided and the experience I knew I will gain from living here. I figured I'll be busy a lot but I knew I had to take advantage and benefit from my time at Outpost. The best part about living here is  creating friendships with people from all around the world and different ethic backgrounds. I still keep In contact with some of them to this day after they have left the house. The connections I've made with such incredible individuals will never fade. 

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all." 
-Helen Keller 

I took a risk when I moved to New York since I will finally be on my own. After the move, so many opportunities and adventures have followed me a long the way. 

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