Stories from our Members - Jordan Sims

Welcome to member profiles! In this series we want to share one members’ story on why they moved to NYC, why they stayed with Outpost Club and on what they like(d) about their time here. This week we’re introducing you to Jordan. Jordan has been with us since January and ls staying in the Flatbush House. I hope you enjoy this article and to find out more about us or our members, go to  

Jordan Sims /

My name is Jordan Lee Douglas Sims. I am a freelance filmmaker who primarily works as a Production Assistant or in Art Department. I am working on becoming an Assistant Director currently. My end goal is to become a Director.

I am 22 years old and I grew up primarily in Buffalo, NY. I moved around a lot as a child and lived in England from ages 8-13 (because my mother is British and she missed her family).

I am working in the film industry as a freelancer. I came here for an internship for my last semester of college at SUNY Buffalo State College. 

I enjoy coliving. I am exposed to many new people and different races and cultures and perspectives, which I think has made me a more well-rounded and respectful person. Also, it has helped me make friends by living with so many other people in the same house.

My favorite event with Outpost club would be the Valentine's Day Party at the Bedford house this year was amazing. A lot of fun people, good times, and fun moments.

So far, Coliving has been an absolutely amazing experience. I have met a lot of new friends, learned more about the world, had great conversations, and I do not need to worry about furnishing my apartment or not being close to a train ;) 


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