Stories from our Members - Thibault Marion

Welcome to member profiles! In this series we want to share one members’ story on why they moved to NYC, why they stayed with Outpost Club and on what they like(d) about their time here. This week we’re introducing you to Thibault. I hope you enjoy this article and to find out more about us or our members, go to  

1: Introduce yourself

- who are you?
That's a big question, who am I? I'm Thibault, I'm from France but live in Shakespeare and Big Shaq 's country: England. Skrrt. I am 29 years old, almost 30.

- Where did you grow up?

I grew up all over the place between France, New-Zealand and Germany!

- What are you doing here in NYC and why did you move here?

I was in New-York to launch the US branch of a company I created with Matthew called Vyking.

- What do you think about coliving and what are your experiences here?

I had a great time at Outpost, it was a great way to meet people from all over the world like Russia, Turkey and Malaysia.

- What's been your best experience in the time you have stayed with Outpost?

The last week I spent at Outpost was great as I really took the time to get to know people from Outpost at the big Halloween party they organised. I recommend this unique experience, if you want to have an easy going settlement in the big Apple Outpost is the solution!