The Roommate Bill of Rights


A list intended to clarify everyones freedoms and responsibilities


All Roommates have the right to:


  • respect one another’s privacy
  • respect themselves and others
  • communicate openly with their roommate and discuss potential conflicts before they get out of hand
  • keep their living space neat and clean
  • maintain personal/possession safety
  • maintain a comfortable environment for sleep and study purposes
  • treat one another’s possessions with care and ask before borrowing personal items
  • respect differences
  • compromise
  • enlist the help of Outpost Club staff when a difficult roommate issue arises
  • be kind and civil with no intent to harm
  • check with one another before having overnight guests
  • privacy
  • respect
  • open communication
  • mutually clean living quarters
  • personal safety and security of possessions
  • comfortable sleep and study conditions
  • be asked before their possessions are used
  • stay true to their own values
  • agree and disagree
  • ask residence life staff for assistance when needed
  • be treated civilly
  • comfortable living space
  • get their messages in a timely manner
  • a room free of policy violations