Your Membership agreement

This is a summary of your membership agreement. We’ve created this to make the long and boring membership agreement digestible, however please do read the full membership agreement as well. The membership is the legally binding document, not this one. Refer back to the actual membership agreement for elaborations on what’s written here.


Your (member) responsibilities:

  • Pay rent on time

  • Leave each room as you found it (take care of the apartment)

  • Follow the house rules

  • Give 15 days cancellation notice

  • Follow all move out procedures for your security deposit


Outpost Club’s Responsibilities

  • To create an interesting and engaging community through events and the help of our house leaders/staff

  • Comfortable & clean environment

  • A move-in ready apartment

  • To pay for and provide you with internet and utilities

  • To pay for and provide you with common cleaning services

  • To pay for and provide you with commonly used house items

  • To pay for and provide you with security system

  • To pay for and provide you with a coworking space


Let us know if you have any questions, we look forward to clarifying anything relating to the membership agreement

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