Membership = Rent

Membership is like rent, but all inclusive. Think of it like your lease, a legal document outlining everyone's responsibilities to each other. Your membership can be paid month-to-month and you can stop your membership at any time.

What's Included in your Membership?

membership benefits

What is Coliving?

Coliving is a shared housing model. Tenants, whom we call members, share kitchens, living rooms, and other common spaces with all members, and have a private or shared bedrooms.

The Outpost Club Experience - Unlike any apartment you’ve ever moved into

Flat Monthly Fee

While living with us, you won’t have to worry about a thing. You will pay a Flat Monthly fee and everything comes included. No utility bills, no unexpected maintenance costs...

Full-Month Security Deposit Option

Before you move-in, we charge one full-month security deposit which you will get back in full after your stay with us ends. However, if you would like to waive the security deposit, you may do so by using our partners at HelloRented! They will pay your security deposit for a small monthly fee ranging from $10-$20!

House Leaders

All of our locations have a 'House Leader'. If you have any questions during your stay with us, they are the people you can always approach! 

You can choose to pay Month-to-Month and extend your stay along the way, or choose to let us know up front how long you're staying and get better prices!  

Flexible Contract


We have single rooms and multi person rooms starting at $690 and up. 

We have locations in Flatbush, Bedford-Stuyvesant and Bushwick, all of which are safe and accessible neighborhoods of Brooklyn. They are perfect spots to start building your coliving network.

Safe Locations