We really hope you enjoyed your time at Outpost Club! We appreciate your contribution to the community and we would love it if your friends could contribute too. If you know someone who is looking for shared or private rooms with an all-inclusive membership and a great community, send them our way! You'll earn 250$ cash back when your friend signs up for membership at Outpost Club.

There is no limit to the number of people you can refer. You'll get cash back for every friend who's never stayed at Outpost Club for the rest of time! 

Furthermore, your friends will earn a 250$ discount for the last month of their stay when they apply with your individual code. Simply have them indicate the code during the booking process and it will be automatically added to their bookings. The discount is for every new member who has never stayed at Outpost Club before.

*All referrals must be for 2 months or more to receive the cashback. Read the full Terms and Conditions